MPS Society

A talk by Anna Thomas

On Wednesday, 4th of December, the speaker at the Rotary Club’s lunch was ANNA THOMAS of the MPS Society ( Mucopolysaccharide Disease ), which is the only charity in the UK helping individuals and families living with MPS and related diseases.  There are currently over 1500 people of all ages registered with the society, which is based at Repton Place, White Lion Road, Amersham.


Having stated that MPS is caused by a faulty gene which prevents the correct production of an enzyme responsible for the breakdown and recycling in the body’s cells, together with  numerous other  problems which  can cause deterioration in health,, both physical and neurological,  Anna described the high level of support that is provided to the members of the society across the UK. There is no financial support from the government.


As one baby is born every eight days which is affected by MPS and related diseases, early diagnosis is required so the child can receive treatment, which also applies to children who develop symptoms into early adulthood.  In the meantime support services are being advanced and considerable resources are being applied to medical research.


Tony Glyn-Jones