A visit to local Primary School

Fri, Dec 13th 2019 at 12:00 am -

Rotary helps fund equipment fort Chilton Foliat Primary School.

Hungerford Rotary Club helps fund Interactive White Board

Some members of Hungerford Rotary Club were recently treated to a very comprehensive tour of Chilton Foliat Primary School.

They made the visit after a donation from the club's charity fund was given to the school to help purchase an Interactive White Board. This extremely impressive teaching aid is not only able to show videos and education related software but is also able to be used  as an interactive drawing board making for a compelling and fun way of teaching and learning.

On their arrival at the school the visitors saw a class practising movement and dance routines with an on screen instructor. They were then shown around the classrooms and the new and extended facilities by the Headteacher, Katie Turner and two of the school governors. They all agreed that the teaching facilities at the school had gone a long way since the blackboard and chalk days.

Pictured with children from the school, from left to right, Hungerford Rotary Club President Mike Gilbert, The Headteacher, Katie Turner and Past President Norman Sinclair- Baines.

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