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Handover Night 2020

Mon 29th June 2020 at 19.00 - 22.30

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The Rotary year draws to a close and President Dawn hands over the President Charlie for 2020/21.

Dawn's Presidential year [2019/20] in Pictures

Final Presidential Report 2019/20

On Monday night members of Penrith Rotary Club raised their glasses to their new President at their regular Zoom Meeting. The annual Handover Meeting took place online when President Dawn Smart handed on the regalia and baton of office to new President Charlie Shepherd. This event normally takes place at The George Hotel with pictures of the handover being captured by the Herald’s well-known photographer Fred Wilson. Be assured Fred, you were missed,  but John did his best with the screenshot in your absence.

This is one of the two most important nights of the Rotary year, and in keeping with tradition members and guests turned up suitably ‘Suited and Booted’ [instead of the usual Jeans and T-shirts for ZOOM].

Rotary’s own poet Laureate Jacqui Taylor of 4 Eden felt inspired to write and ode for the event. Her words tell what Rotary does and how it is so important at the moment given the sense of isolation that many people are suffering.

‘So who is Rotary & how does it work?

That blessed COVID has caused some erk.....
We meet fortnightly to discuss our state of affairs,
Fellowship, companionship and make others aware.
Our purpose is service (above self) and we agree to support and promote our local community.
We raise funds and engage with those in need, financially, in-kind, or through activity.
We’ve all learned to ZOOM and adapt our ways, we’re beginning to plan for future years.
So what we need to do - and soon is recruit new members -  a Rotary boom.
So, as the world evolves and we are changing our ways, have a think and think on, it’s not a maze.
So what is Rotary and what do we do?
We’re here committed, and supporting you.
Get involved and make a difference, sign up & join in, let’s make our new world a pleasure to live in’.

Contact John - 01768254006 or for more information.