Rob's January Newsletter

A January newsletter on behalf of president Katie Farmer by Rob Soutar

Chefs Phil Gorringe and Ian Cox

Happy New Year. It’s me, Rob, again. At Council last night we realised that there had only been one newsletter in the last six months, so I agreed that I would do City News for the rest of Katie’s year. After all I have more free time.

The first thing, in case you don’t know, is the wonderful news that Nick and Tanya got engaged on New Year’s Eve. This is certainly a first for the club and I’m sure we all send our congratulations.

Picking up on December, we had two Christmas meals. (Do we want to continue with both. Opinions vary but if you have a view let Kevin B know or turn up at the Admin Committee meeting where it is on the agenda) I certainly felt they were different and both enjoyable.

in case you missed it, as we did, I gather the Christmas Brunch on December 29th went well if a bit thin on numbers. I’m told Phil and Coxie were the chefs. Meetings started on Monday when we had Nathan Travis, The Chief Fire Officer for and as a guest speaker. Very professional – we probably should have had him in the evening when he would have had more time.

Looking forward, next Monday its an evening meeting. Bit of Rotary affairs discussion and then Ruth is doing her ‘job talk’ There are then two lunch meetings when Colin and I are asked to do mini job talks because since we did them so long ago it is thought (?) that newer members will be interested. Me on Jan 20th and Colin on Feb 3rd. In between is an evening meeting with a speaker on Technology.

Remember that the meeting on February 10th is the meal provided by Inner Wheel as their fundraiser. For that reason, if no other, please try to come. Please sign up in the yellow book or let Paul know. It is at Withington Village Hall - not mentioned on my copy of the programme. will also be there.

I assume by now, everyone has put the Duck Race in their diaries. Duck selling on May 8 &9th and the event on Sunday 10th. Tickets will be issued shortly.

It is good to announce that we have received £750 as a District grant for . We have recently sent £500 to Shelter box and assuming club agree a further £500 for various of Mary Watkins projects in . Council have also approved asking you to agree to put £1500 on one side to support a school project in a remote part of that is being planned by Pershore Rotary. We intend to get John Angood to come to tell everybody all about it.

Kevin B is planning a club trip to in late September. Sounds good. Details in due course.                                                                    Rob 8 Jan 2020