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Veterans Club of Bexley – The hidden gem in Bexleyheath

Mr Kanis, a past member of Bexley Rotary and a refugee from Czechoslovakia prior to WW2, had a plastics factory in Bexley. During the war he made hair combs for the War Office. When the war ended he had 100,000 combs which had been paid for but were not required. He gave them to the Rotary Club. The members sold the combs for 20 old pence each. With the money raised they purchased land at 23A Danson Road, Bexleyheath and built the Veterans Club. initially for men returning from the services, this has now been changed to allow any retired ladies or gentlemen living in the area, to become members.

The building consists of two large halls, one of which has six full size snooker tables the other is used, among other things, for short mat bowls and table tennis and as a hall for meetings etc.

The Veterans Club also has an active Bowls section, using Danson Park as its home venue.

It’s a great place for members to meet, socialise and enjoy a little sport if they wish.

The Rotary Club are still very active in the management of the Club. The Trustees have to be Rotarians as do members of the Management Committee. The Chairman of the House committee is also a Rotarian.

The Veterans Club has for many years been financially self-sufficient.

New members are welcome. For details of membership contact: Rotarian Andy Knight: or visit the Veterans club at 23 Danson Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 8HA.

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