Rob's March newsletter

An update on the month's Rotary activities

Bobbie Heavens was one of the Rotarians collecting in High Town

CITY NEWS     March 2020

Only a few meetings in February to report on. We had a really good meeting hosted by Inner Wheel. Good fellowship with present and as always IW produced an excellent meal. I missed the lunch meeting on 17th being on holiday but due to the rains and their effect on the roads, there was a small turnout. Last week there was a bumper turnout for Derek’s slide show on 50 buildings. People loved it.

So much of the county is under water and so many houses have been flooded that we needed to do something. On Saturday last at least half the club stood in a cold high town shaking buckets. Some of Luke’s staff stood in for those sunning themselves in and John did a collection at his film in Tarrington. The result is £2000 and that will be topped up with gift aid. We shall donate it to the local distress fund. In addition, members made individual donations which currently stand at £1355. We shall wait for need before donating that. Later on Saturday, ten of us had our latest International meal at The Meze in (Turkish). Good – so much meat that we had to bring home doggy bags!

A pretty good turnout for Rotary affairs today. Bobby gained approval for several donations:-

·        £250 for football shirts for Lad’s club juniors with Rotary logo

·        £500 to sponsor a Volunteer event planned for on 6June

·        £1000 to sponsor a series of screenings at the Courtyard for those suffering from dementia.

·        £200 to provide T shirts (with our logo) for a community choir

Kevin reported on the progress of projects in which Steve has seen first-hand.

A gang of us are off to the District Conference in Weymouth next week, subject to it not being banned because of the corona virus.

Some promising speakers later this month. Ron Parrott on Hereford Football club; Bill Jackson on the Cart Shed – a charity providing ‘rural skills therapy’ and a talk on the Roads of Hereford. Presumably history not potholes!  Finally do diary Districts ‘Volunteer Expo’ being held at the NEC from 1-3 May. Free entry and free carpark.

Rob                                                                                                  2 March 2020