Steve Chandler in Tanzania

Here's a report from Steve's visit to East Africe

Steve Chandler was at the launch of the water filter

The ‘launch’ of the water filter at Mbuyuni    took place on Wednesday afternoon. The school is in the affluent Oyster Bay Area but is a typical underfunded government primary which probably caters for the children of domestic workers etc. The RC have previously renovated a classroom as a library and there was also a presentation of books that afternoon.

The water filter is impressive and will.use the borehole water - not the mains, as that is too expensive for the school to afford. The borehole had become saline like others in this area close to the coast but the filter apparently reduces the salt content to tolerable levels and, as importantly, gets rid of the bacteria. The tiling around the new taps in the centre of the compound, where everyone gets the water, was almost finished. The Headteacher is delighted. About 10 Rotarians were present and much was made of the Hereford connection and contribution. They will be keen to seek our help for other, similar scale, projects in the future.

After the event I was looked after by Jenga, who runs a nearby small private nursery and primary school (Baybridge, if you google it). The contrast between the schools is stark! I met her son Sam, who was educated in the U.K. and husband and was given lunch at his restaurant in Oyster Bay. Apart from two restaurants he makes his money from the export of honey and beeswax, ‘farmed’ by smallholders in Tabora, in C.Tanzania. V. much part of the entrepreneurial section of the Indian community. His son described him as a ‘wheeler dealer’! An interesting afternoon.