Sport & Social/ Decorate to Liberate (9 May 2020)

The competition for the best-decorated Rotarian house was won by the 'Campbell Residence' entry.

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I think we should all do our bit where we can to support the decorate to liberate initiative and brighten our island in these times of restrictions.

To make it more fun it will be a competition for the best-decorated house, to up the stakes I have invited Rotary Guernesiais, Inner Wheel and Friends of Rotary to join in and have a bit of inter-club rivalry - where there is dual membership in a house you could each decorate half the house or collaborate and share the prize. The prize will be a meal voucher for the Liberation Group.

It sounds like Guernesiais are going to take this very seriously and there will be stiff competition.

Send a photo to me by 9pm on the 9th May.

Get decorating!

All the best,


28 April 2020