Youth Adventure Trust 2.6 Challenge May 2020

Rotary Club of Bradford on Avon taking part in various activities in support of the Youth Adventure Trust's 2.6 Challenge

Taking part in the 2.6 Challenge

The Rotary Club of Bradford on Avon recieved an email from the Youth Adventure Trust inviting us to take part in there 2.6 Challenge to raise funds in order to support the mentoring of vulnerable children during the Covid-19 crisis. This gave us an opportunity to not only support YAT but also to work together and contribute to a common cause.  With that in mind the Club set a target to complete 26 hours of combined activity over the “London Marathon“ weekend. 

We had 31 people from 17 households taking part in activities that, in keeping with government guidelines, included walking, cycling, static bike cycling, gardening and swimming. Altogether we amassed 54 hours 03 minutes on Sunday and 8 hours 32 minutes on Saturday giving us a grand total of 62 hours 35 mins. A great result that re-affirmed a sense of belonging within the Club and demonstrated once again the Club’s support for the development of youngsters in our area.

As if to prove Were there is a will there is a way, activities of note included; A heart attack survivor getting on a bike for the first time in 5 years, a Parkinsons sufferer in his 80s walking for one hour without sitting down, a lower limb amputee cycling from Bradford on Avon to Devizes and back and one participant recovering from a broken ankle walking 2600 stepsAt the end of our activities the Club was able to send £260 to the Youth Adventure Trust.

Further information on Youth Adventure Trust follow yhe link: