Support for Trowbridge Storehouse Foodbank - May 2020

Rotary Club of Bradford on Avon increase their support to the Storehouse Foodbank in Trowbridge

Trowbridge foodbank - May 2020

Rotary Club of Bradford on Avon is proud to be an active supporter of the Trowbridge Foodbank and has been able to increase its support with a further donation to help the foodbank cope with the increased workload due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Known by the name Storehouse Foodbank it is one of a number of Community Action West Wiltshire projects that is facilitated by the West Wilts Vineyard Charitable organization that aims to support families, couples and individuals over a short term that are in need food and toiletries. Based in Trowbridge, the service began in 2006 in response to a growing need within the local community. The Storehouse foodbank have developed good working relationships with a range of local agencies and services aiming to support the wider community.

Since opening their referral centre in April 2010 they have seen a continual growth in need for their services and now support an average of 1700 people a year, equating to approximately 15,500 meals.

People who access their service find themselves in difficult circumstances often through no fault of their own. They may have been made redundant or have lost work through severe illness. Some service users are attempting to rebuild their life after the breakdown of a marriage or partnership or they could be recovering from a situation of domestic violence. 

For further information and how you can support this Foodbank, follow the link: