Speaker meeting via Zoom

Mon, Jul 27th 2020 at 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Joe Heslop from Nightstop, one of our Moonraker Charities this year

19 members and Joe Heslop Homeless Outreach Support Team Manager were on-line for last nights Zoom meeting.

Joe gave a presentation about the YMCA response to Homelessness, especially Youth Homelessness and Nightstop.

There are many reasons for young people to be homeless, money problems, personal problems, relationship breakdowns but most of all problems at home between the individual and their parents.

Sleeping;- young homeless “sofa surf” sleeping at friends houses, can be given council owned accommodation or may resort to “rough sleeping” on the streets.

Homelessness puts the individual at risk, particularly from involvement with drugs, can lead to violence and abuse, poor nutrition and health, disruption of education, lack of employment opportunities, anxiety and stress affecting mental health.

The YMCA offers accommodation, protection, advice, counselling and support services for the homeless. It also arranges training and apprenticeships. 

Temporary accommodation is arranged through “Nightstop” a home hosting scheme which gives one to six nights accommodation in a volunteer's home. This provides a bed and hot meals and time for the individual to review their situation. It is used for those who have low to medium support needs and each person is risk assessed and must provide two references.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis Nightstop has been halted. Some home hosts are at risk from Covid 19, for the future it is intended to recruit new hosts, Covid risk assessments will be made and if necessary PPE supplied. The YMCA is also looking to create more longer stay accommodation for young homeless.

Graham Catchpole gave the vote of thanks.

At Council,s request the International Committees proposals for this year were re-presented. After a long discussion about the school project in Kenya ( God’s Favour Academy) it was decided to defer, pending clarification of the costs, any decision to a later meeting when the other projects would also be assessed. 

Ball Draw Mike Hill, no Joker, wine only, next time £80

Next Meetings: - Aug 5th Breakfast Club at Mr. Miles

Aug 12th Zoom meeting

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