Community Service/ Help Provided - Responding to Community Needs 2020

Many Charities are experiencing problems. We highlight a few of them where we have received thanks for our recent activities and donations

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Responding To Pleas For Help

While we in the UK are beginning to face down the Coronavirus threat, others less fortunate than us are experiencing humanitarian problems.  Here we highlight areas of concern where we have received thanks for our recent activities and donations.

Kids Out

“Many thanks to all those Clubs who have generously donated. We at KidsOut appreciate the support of UK Rotary Clubs”.  (We take disadvantaged children from Thriftwood School to farm parks, animal centres each year and will do so again if Covid allows later this year, and have budgeted £800 in 2021,

Little Havens Hospice

“Thank you so much for your kind donation of £400 especially at this moment in time.  I just wanted you to know Rotary of Billericay has a lifetime giving amounting to an incredible £29,700.  Your ongoing support is very much appreciated.”

St. Luke’s Hospice

Please pass on our sincere thanks for your kind gift of £400. Your support is truly appreciated.

We rely on support from the local community to fund our services across Basildon, Thurrock and the surrounding areas. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we can continue to provide outstanding end of life care and endeavour to make every day special for the local people and families we support.”

Barrow Farm RDA

“Thank you for your very kind donation to Barrow Farm to help us through this horrendous national emergency.  Our income is much less than our expenditure at present and support from local clubs like yours is incredibly important to us.

The staff continue to look after our ponies and are keeping them fit and healthy so we are ready to start work again as soon as we can!”