The Lamplighters On Line Quiz

We are unable to hold fundraising events at the moment and probably for some time to come .We have compiled this online quiz for you to try.

100% 0f our income comes from local fundraising ,we have already cancelled several events this year and some planned events are unlikely to go ahead. There are 20 questions in each of the 5 rounds and on completion of each round you can either carry on to the next round or  return to our web page and complete the other rounds later. There are no time limits or prizes , its all just for enjoyment and hopefully to help good causes .

More details of where the money goes will be found on the Quiz pages.

At the end of the rounds you will be invited to make a voluntary donation to charity.

We hope you enjoy our quiz , please follow the links below to the quiz rounds.

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Thank you very much if you made a donation during the quiz , if not and you still wish to donate then

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