With so many of Kenilworth's normal events and activities having been cancelled this year The Rotary Club of Kenilworth has devised this socially - distanced Treasure Hunt, for everyone's entertainment.

From the left: John Stanton - the President of the Rotary Club of Kenilworth, John Ruddick - the organiser, Richard Dickson - Town Mayor, Gillian Clark - Club's member

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                                    THE ROTARY CLUB OF KENILWORTH



With so many of Kenilworth’s normal events and activities having been cancelled this year The Rotary Club of Kenilworth has devised this socially - distanced Treasure Hunt, for everyone’s entertainment and as part of the Club’s community-based activities.

Participation is free. There are no prizes, other than your own satisfaction in facing and completing the challenge!

There is no set route to follow and it is assumed that several journeys will be required to collect the answers to all of the clues. These are scattered randomly throughout Kenilworth, although all are less than 1 ¼ miles (as the crow flies) from the Iron Bridge, in the centre of Abbey Fields. All clues are accessible from roads, public open spaces and/or other areas with public access (not necessarily 24/7); none of the locations are at private houses and none require access onto private land.

Completing the challenge will take you to some interesting parts of Kenilworth, including some you may perhaps know less well and will re-introduce you to some of our town’s businesses and historic sites.

Please feel free to post comments and photographs (no spoilers, please!) to record your participation, and do please encourage others to join ‘This Summer’s Challenge’.

Answers will be posted on 1st September 2020.


The Rotary Club of Kenilworth Town Treasure Hunt 2020


In an upstairs window at the back of which shop can a large rocking-horse be seen and when was the business established?


On the section of The Greenway between The Common and the bridge over Coventry Road there is an information board about a rock outcrop; according to this board, in which geological Period and approximately how long ago was the Kenilworth Sandstone Layer laid down?


According to its noticeboard what items can be purchased at East Chase Farm and what is the postcode for IN THE WOOL SHED?


What date appears on the building at Severn Trent’s Mill End site?


In Kenilworth Cemetery, close to the chapel, a memorial was erected in 2016 to mark whose resting place?


How many gardening implements and which two animals are depicted on the fascia sign of Kenilworth Pet and Garden Supplies?


One of Kenilworth’s significant  structures carries an inscription “A LARGE FLOOD” and a date; what is this date?


According to the sign on the footpath which crosses Barrow Road, what are prohibited?


The information board at the lower entrance to Parliament Piece mentions a flying mammal and a species of tree; what are these?


What is highly misleading about the signs attached to the bridge carrying Common Lane across the railway line and what numbers appear on the bridge-plate of this bridge?


The public footpath which leaves Knowle Hill at its junction with Frythe Close is part of which long-distance trail?


In St Nicholas’ churchyard is an impressive memorial to Albert Morris who was killed in a railway accident on 24th December 1874; what words appear on the column of this memorial?


Now forming part of The Priory Theatre Company, when was this building built, how was it paid for and what was it originally used for?


Which organisation, with the strapline: “In with the old, out with the new” is based on the St John’s church site and what is its operating based called?


When was the sculpture in Abbey End installed; to celebrate which event and who was the then Mayor of Kenilworth?


Add together the number of toeholds and the number of swings on the wooden frame at the Bates Memorial Play Area


What does the prominent post bearing a lion’s head (of recent times wearing a bobble hat) commemorate?


Outside the entrance to which shop will you find a mural which includes (amongst others) a hedgehog, a fox and some dragonflies?


This sounds like a diminutive State and won architectural awards in 1975; who were the architects?


Kenilworth Cemetery contains the grave (not marked by the usual CWGC headstone) of one woman amongst 24 graves of service personnel from both World Wars; what was her name, in which Service did she serve and what was her date of death?


On the information board at the entrance to Knowle Hill Local Nature Reserve (towards the top of Knowle Hill) which types of grass are specifically mentioned and from where did the site receive financial support?


At the far end of the footpath running off the end of Purlieu Lane is an information board relating to The Pleasance; which bird and which species of butterfly are depicted on this board?


Why is the sign outside Jubilee House somewhat out of date and when was this Authority abolished?


There were 960 0f these in £1; what bird appears on the sign of the Gallery of this name?


How many people were killed, in the Town, as a result of enemy action on 21st November 1940 and where is this event commemorated?


What inscription does a memorial bench at St John’s church to Neil and Muriel Thomas and their daughter bear?