We provide water to schools in Tororo, Uganda

A summary of the water to schools project.

Cowbridge Rotary Water to Schools Project in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda
Since 2014 the Rotary Club pf Cowbridge recently partnered with its twin Rotary Club of Meissen, Germany has been working with The Vale for Africa ( a registered charity which co-ordinates aid in the eastern area of Uganda) to sponsor the provision of clean water to a number of schools in the Tororo District of Eastern Uganda. This year Rotary has provided £2,600.00 in sponsorship funding.
The project covered the installation of a water mains pipe and a (metered) public standpipe, water tanks and accessories, at four primary schools of Petta Primary School in Petta sub county, Rugot Primary School in Mulanda sub county, Segere Primary school in Iyolwa sub county, and Magola Primary School in Magola sub county in Tororo district. The objective of the project has been to supply water to over 3,600 direct beneficiaries -pupils and staff, who have no access to safe, clean drinking water. The objective has been attained by a partner charity in Tororo called Advancement for Community Empowerment in Tororo Limited working closely with the state-run National Water and Sewage Corporation that supplies gravity piped water in the Eastern region.
The selection of the schools has been based on their large pupil size; with the majority of pupils coming from low income families. Other factors included the remote location of the schools; the lack of access to clean piped water; and the school’s proximity to the water mains (about 1 kilometre or less from the national water pipeline).
Through the provision of clean water to the schools it is anticipated that there will be a reduction of absenteeism due to water borne diseases like typhoid and cholera induced by a lack of clean drinking water. It is also anticipated that the schools will see improved cleanliness in the classrooms due to regular cleaning which ought to prevent the spread of COVID19, and other diseases. Based on evidence from the previous water projects to schools (2014-2019) it is hoped that all four of these beneficiary schools will be able to provide or to continue to provide school dinners as they will have a regular supply of clean water for cooking.

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