Rotary Quiz Page

Some questions to test and expand your knowledge about Rotary.

How much do you know about Rotary ? This is primarily for members but many of the answers can be found by anyone just by browsing this and linked websites.

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Two New lamplighters

more On 1st of December we were delighted to welcome two more new members to the club .

Rotary Worldwide

more The Lamplighters are part of Rotary International with over 1.2 million members worldwide.

Recreational Fellowships

more There are a large number of Rotary International Recreational and Vocational Fellowships where regardless of club or location , Rotarians with common interests can communicate and participate.

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Rotary Membership

back You could join us and be part of this very active club where fun and fellowship is enjoyed alongside our diverse range of service activities. We were a social network long before Facebook !