LATEST July 2020 to June 2021/ Gin and Tonic Tasting - 18th August

A great educational evening about Gin and Tonic with three gins to try

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An evening with three gins and three tonics supplied by a Surbiton distillery.  The Good Life distillery led an hours meeting over Zoom showing us the way to taste Gin and Tonic and leading us through the different flavours.  Well recommended!


Welcome to the Good Life Gin Masterclass! 

We are a small micro distillery located in the basement of a neighbourhood restaurant / bar called No 97 

This session will run for 1 hour and cover [gin, botanicals & tonics]. Taste three different gins. Paired with Tonics. 

 STEP 1 Store in fridge until the masterclass starts J For Bonus points have 1 Lemon / 1 Orange / Fresh Mint to hand with a knife or peeler 

STEP 2 Make sure you have ice in your freezer – gin and tonics require ice Ice keeps ice cold so the more the better to slow down dilution. 

STEP 3 Make sure you have a drink in your hand to start (not the gins your about to taste) 

STEP 4 Take Picture of your Gin Set up and Tag us J @thegoodlifeginco @numberninetyseven 

STEP 5 If you’ve enjoyed some of our gins Head over to to place your order free local delivery every Friday. Thanks for all your support