Walk For Polio 17th to 31st October

Sat, Oct 17th 2020 at 9:00 am -

Rotary is at the forefront of the campaign to eliminate Polio. Why not do a socially distanced "Walk for Polio" around the Heatons on or near to world Polio day on 24th October and help us raise funds.

Polio is a deadly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of five. The virus spreads from person to person generally through contaminated water. Many surviving polio victims will never walk again without crutches . Rotary has helped reduce cases by 99.9% since the first project to vaccinate children in 1979.In conjunction with the WHO and others has helped in the immunizing of over 2.5 billion children in 120 countries and contributed well over £1.0 billion towards wordwide polio eradication.Today polio remains endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan and it is crucial to keep working to keep other countries polio free. If immunization stopped then within 10 years polio could paralyze as namy as 200,000 children a year. We invite you to assist us in raising funds to support this cause by taking part in a choice of walks around the heatons , one 5k and the other 10k on or close to Saturday 24th October which is World Polio Day. All those taking part will receive a bag of purple crocus corms which represent the dye colour used on the little fingers of children to show they have just been immunized . In early spring the crocus will remind you that your help made a difference . Please use the link below to register for the walk.In return you will receive an emailed order confirmation followed by a second email well before the event with the details and route instructions attached pointing out local points of interest. You will also be notified of arrangements for receiving your crocus corms which you can plant wherever you wish. Registration of an individual or family group is by means of a small donation to our charity fund which has already donated over £500 this year to polio eradication . One bag of 25 crocus corms will be allocated for every £5 worth of donation received.

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