Jan 25th. Zoom 42 - Aidan Philips, WaveTrust

Mon 25th January 2021 at 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Psychological trauma and impact on schooling

I work for the educational charity WAVE Trust. We specialise in how psychological trauma affects peoples’ outcomes in life and how services can change to not only gain a better understanding of this impact, but to use this knowledge to achieve better results than ever before – an approach known as “trauma-informed”.

I recently finished a research project where I interviewed dozens of headteachers and others at trauma-informed schools across the UK. Through this, I encountered many who have drastically reduced their exclusions rates while improving the well-being of students and staff. For example, in just 1 year each of these schools achieved the following:

• Oasis Academy Primary School, Manchester: Fixed-term exclusions fell from 43 to 5
• Pencoed Comprehensive, Bridgend: Exclusions fell from 174 to 75
• The Key Education Centre (pupil referral unit), Hampshire: Staff absences fell by 70% and pupil exclusions by 81%

With Covid-19 leaving schools under more pressure than ever before, I would like to share with you what these trauma-informed schools have achieved and how they’ve done it. I would also like to speak about my upcoming research project which will seek to provide practical guidance to schools across the UK as they tackle the mounting challenges facing student mental health.

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