Sale at the Hungerford Flea Market

Wed 30th September 2020 at 9.00 am -

Rotarians donate Antiques and Collectables for a Sale at the Corn Exchange

Back in January 2020 Tony Cornick suggested to members of Hungerford Rotary Club that they look in their attics and spare rooms for any antiques and collectables for him to sell at  Hungerford's monthly Flea Market and raise money for local good causes. The response among members was excellent with over 100 items being donated to the sale which took place on 30th September at Hungerford's Corn Exchange on the Flea Market and collectables day.
Rotarians James Brown and Barry Kempton were there to assist and they raised £400.00 which has been added to the clubs charity funds and will be distributed locally.
Many thanks to Tony for all the hard work that went into this very successful fund raising event for Hungerford Rotary Club.