President Nick's October newsletter

Nick's review of the club's activities during the last month

President Nick Tecza

We are well and truly into autumn and this is my fourth monthly offering since becoming President of our Club. I'm a quarter of the way through my Presidential year and still yet to chair a live meeting and I wonder if I will! That said, we have much to celebrate as well as look forward to:

We continue to recognise the contribution of both members and non-members, to our Emergency Food Parcel scheme. On behalf of the club, David has written letters of thanks to all those who donated during the scheme and Bobby M has completed letters of thanks, with final details of monies spent, to all the scheme’s contributors/supporters. A number of certificates still need to be presented to many of a non-member volunteers in recognition of their vital contribution. It is important that these are done in person and I hope, pandemic rules allowing, to complete the presentations by the end of the month.

We were delighted to have received more than 80 entries to our Literacy competition, across both age categories. The judging panel consists of Bobbie H, Margaret, Sarala, Ray and me. Tanya is collating the entries in preparation for judging; the panel will meet in the next two weeks, the will be winners agreed and notified in early November. Good luck to all who have entered!

October 24 is World Polio Day and this weekend a series of meals are being arranged (strictly adhering to and in accordance with COVID restrictions) providing members an opportunity to meet and enjoy a good meal, while at the same time raising money for Rotary’s Polio campaign. I hope you all have a lovely evening and thank you to Rob for organising it. It was good to note that Rotary International received recognition in Parliament when Jane Hunt MP (Loughborough) asked the Prime Minister during PMQ's to recognise the 'monumental contribution' that Rotary has made in eradicating Wild Polio throughout the African continent. This tremendous effort was recognised by the PM.

Earlier in the month our annual Memory Walk took place raising much needed funding for a local Alzheimer’s charity. Rather than the usual club walk, this year members participated in their own walks and took photos to share on our newly restored members’ WhatsApp group. We had some very interesting walks! Steph completed 10 miles, indoors! We saw Heather and Phil out in some beautiful countryside, and in a ditch… Ruth showed us a great pair of boots on some tired feet after 8 miles. Anne continues to trek 5 miles most days and Sarala took the opportunity to get friends involved and proved an impressive fundraiser. Being able to keep in touch and share each other’s news is vitally important. Thanks to Luke and San for organising the WhatsApp group so quickly.

On 1 October honorary member Alan Blake, started his own fundraising walk. Inspired by Captain Tom, 89 year old Alan is planning to complete a 15 mile challenge in his garden. Each day he aims to complete at least once, the circular walk around his garden which incorporates 120 steep steps to the river. He will need to do this 458 times to complete his challenge. All money raised will go to Burghill church, the City of Hereford Rotary Club and a Parkinson’s disease charity. We wish him all the very best in his endeavours. If you would like to donate, please click:

Regarding fundraising, with our more traditional fundraising ventures closed to us presently, we need to be more creative in how we can raise funds. One of our more recent initiatives, the 90 Club, has proved successful with 73 entries this month. Therefore it makes sense for us to look at expanding this. We need to increase the number to 90 (and more if possible). I am asking that we please, look around our immediate circle, bubble or families and see if we can each bring one new member to the 90 Club. This is an initiative which we know can bring a monthly lump sum to the Club and of course, a lump of winnings to, at the moment, two winners!

To end this month’s newsletter, I would like to congratulate our immediate Past President, Katie Farmer on the birth of her daughter, Charlotte. A sister for James. Well done Katie and we look forward to seeing you all soon.