Makhwane Kop Primary School

This is the school that RCNV will be supporting for the next 12 months or so. There are 309 children on roll – about 50% of whom are orphans or vulnerable

16 July 21: "The recent troubles started when pro-democracy protests became riots with associated looting and burning of buildings and vehicles. This led to deaths and people being wounded as the troops were sent in. Talks between the King and representatives of the protesters are currently taking place. The people are hungry and unemployment is so high among young people that the extravagant expenditure of those in power is being questioned again.

Schools have been closed again, but the work to renovate the buildings at Makhwane Kop Primary School has continued. The school is well away from urban areas and commercial premises, out in the bush near the Oeshock border post with South Africa.

The new photos show the work in classrooms to install false ceilings and decent lighting. The classrooms had tin roofs and so were very cold in winter and hot in summer. By installing false ceilings and good lighting, it makes a huge difference to the quality of teaching and learning.

The work is part funded by grants from Nene Valley Rotary Club and the support of the Club is much appreciated.

Keith Fossey

26 April 21: "The renovation of a classroom that had water running through it when it rained is underway. A concrete structure along the bottom of the wall to strengthen the foundation of the building and prevent water from seeping through the walls into classrooms has been built and the pictures clearly show how the waterway and the concrete footing were constructed. Once they finish the watercourse, the builders will renovate the rest of the building.

"Children have now returned to school after 12 months away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers followed all the rules made by Government and at the main gate of the school, there were three teachers; one sanitizing people as they came in, the second with a thermometer taking temperature of everyone entering the school premises and the third recording details of each person i.e. name, temperature reading, age and address. They also ensured that people entering school premises had masks.

"The door of every classroom had water for people to wash their hands before going into the classroom."

Keith Fossey

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