Purple 4 Polio


One of Rotary's major support activities is the End Polio Now project, which has been running for many years with the objective of eliminating Polio from the planet.  Success so far has meant that polio has now been wiped out in all but a couple of countries, but there is still much to be done.

Our club supports the project and each Autumn we purchase, and plant locally, a supply of purple crocus corms, for public display in the following Spring (and, hopefully, for later years too)  The proceeds of our purchase go directly to End Polio Now.

This year a Covid-limited group of six club members planted 3,000 crocus corms in the grounds of St Ippolyts Church, Ashbrook Lane, St Ipplolyts.  A further 1,000 corms are planted in the grounds of the Leonard Cheshire Home, Lucas Lane, Hitchin.

The corms planted last Autumn will soon (if not already) be putting on their late winter/early spring show and we hope you might make a visit to see them, even if you wouldn't normally be passing St Ippolyts church.

Please help us to support this wonderful project by donating.  Whatever you choose to contribute, plus any Gift Aid added, will all go towards End Polio Now.

You can donate here 

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