Some of our Many International Projects

Our energetic International team create and deliver projects that have lasting benefit for communities in Africa, and are exploring new opportunities in India


Updated March 2020


1. Chicken House, Njiapanda School for the Deaf, Moshi, Tanzania

This is finally complete. The chickens are thriving


 and the Rotary sign has been erected



2. Borehole at Njiapanda School for the Deaf, Moshi, Tanzania

Rotary and the Oxford Deaf Children’s Society sign has been installed on the small building erected to make the borehole equipment safe

Tests have confirmed the water from the borehole is of good purity


3. Toilets at Kisangara School, Mwanga, Tanzania

This project which was funded by a Rotary Grant, is now fully operational, hygiene training has been completed, and hopefully all children are now regularly washing their hands

This project was ably managed by Moshi Rotary, Mwanga, Tanzania

Management Team

Laying Out The Foundations

Digging The Pit




4. Blood Donation and Transfusion Unit at Kisangara Health Centre, Mwanga, Tanzania

Haddenham Rotary supplied equipment to enable blood donations to be made which will improve healthcare and be an important benefit the whole community

Total Budget ZST 9,010,000 equivalent to about £3144

This project was again ably managed by Moshi Rotary, who have submitted the final report

Kisangara Health Centre Staff receiving the blood transfusion equipment


Moshi Rotary President Lucy, donating blood 


Haddenham Rotary also arranged to plant 100 trees which will eventually help improve the environment for the community

Moshi Rotary President Lucy planting the first tree



Two projects supported by Rotary Foundation Grants to install 28 water storage tanks 20,000 litres each in schools in Kamuli and Jinja, Uganda, are nearly complete

Construction is complete and the stored water is being tested by the local water authorities

All of the hygiene training and use of the hand washing stations, has been completed

Photos by local Rotarians


There may be some funds remaining at the end of this project and it is hoped – but no means certain – that The Rotary Foundation will authorise its use to benefit the local schools

Let’s hope they can combat the virus!



Haddehham Rotary are working with Thiruvaiyaru Rotary, Tamil Nadu, India, to prepare a Rotary Foundation  Grant application with an approximate value £35,000, to supply, fit and subsequently service and manufacture, prosthetic limbs for those unable to provide for themselves

Ken Elphick

Haddenham Rotary International Committee Chair

March 2020


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