2019: Borehole Project, Tanzania

Haddenham Rotary have partnered with Childreach Tanzania to install a borehole pump and water storage


Completed September 2019

Haddenham Rotary have partnered with Childreach Tanzania to install a borehole pump and water storage. Here is a summary of our project: 


Project Title:

Borehole Njiapanda 

Project goal: 

To improve the health status of 1500 children from Njiapanda Walemavu Primary School for Deaf Children in Moshi District Council in the Kilimanjaro Region by providing constant supply of water to the school and school gardens to ensure production of vegetables through the year and enable students and community to acquire ongoing horticulture skills 

Executive Director:

Martha Lyimo 

Programme Manager:

Winfrida Kway 


Tanzania Shillings 43,470,000 equivalent to GBP15000  

Direct beneficiaries:


Indirect beneficiaries:





Njiapanda Walemavu is a government primary school for Deaf Children established in 2008 to achieve inclusive universal primary education for all children. The school is located at Moshi District Council in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. It is a boarding school with a total number of 60 pupils’ girls 30 boys 30

The school is located in an area which has experienced long droughts for the past 11 years. To overcome this, Haddenham and District Rotary supported drilling a borehole at Njiapanda Walemavu as a long-term solution

We also have been able to give support to a local Rotarian who has been pivotal to the success of our in-territory activities, and he has sent us this message: 


Dear Mr Ken and all in Haddenham Rotary

Am very-very-very grateful for your love and support. You don't know how much this has made me happy. I just received the message, I was on the farm since morning. Will go to Western Union now and pick up [the money]. Once am done, I will purchase all the products tomorrow and send you receipts

Be blessed always



A community information meeting was conducted at Njiapanda School in May 2019. The meeting was conducted using sign language and a written paper, and explained the problems the school was facing with hygiene due to the lack of water

Participants included; ward executive officer; community development officer; village chairperson; school management committee; parents; teachers and students. Parents were able to ask questions about the project and answered by the Childreach project co-ordinator


Childreach Tanzania Co-ordinator presenting the aims and benefits
of our borehole project to the local community


The drilling permit was obtained from Pangani water basin. The contractor company (Oroteti L.T.D) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Childreach Tanzania and began the drilling process. The Memorandum of Understanding was also signed by the education authority as well to ensure the project followed the entire legal process to ensure sustainability



The drilling process went through smoothly and the water was found 84 meters below ground level, however the drilling processes went down deep to 150 meters. PVC pipes were installed in the borehole shaft to prevent the hole from collapsing and contaminating the ground water with rock particles 




A sample of water was taken to Arusha Urban Water Supply for analysis. Laboratory results revealed that the quality of water is within allowable standards of Tanzania and can be used for both domestic and other uses such as watering the gardens. The contractor then conducted a test in order to know the sustainable flow rate of the well to determine the type and capacity of pump to be purchased and installed



Quotations from three different suppliers were collected and after the review process, Safari Electrical Goods and Services was selected to supply pump and installation services. Electrical technician advised to purchase a power conditioning unit to protect the pump as well as ensuring constant supply of electricity because Njiapanda area experiences low voltage. A safety box has been constructed to protect the pump 





The underground water is pumped up and connected by underground pipework to storage tanks near the borehole. The water will first be supplied from the storage tanks to student accomodations and then to the gardens



Health improvement for the children and teaching staff and improved growth of crops and expansion of vegetable gardens

Permanent availability of water at the school has been very useful and the vegetables are now growing healthier. The school is now assured of constant supply of vegetables for own consumption and business purposes

Healthy vegetables growing in the garden



photos: Local and Haddenham Rotary and Childreach Tanzania

Monitoring visits to advise on sustainable farming techniques if needed


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