Children in Need 2020

Donating and Collecting Differently


                                  Children In Need 

                                                      Donating and Collecting Differently.
Unfortunately owing to Coronavirus, members of the Rotary club cannot collect for “Children In Need” as we normally do standing outside the entrance to Booths store in Kirkby Lonsdale. Instead we have two Children In Need  “Goodboxes” given to the club by the BBC. These are set to receive  a standard £3 donation simply requiring a card swipe and thereby preventing any contact by hand. One is located on the counter at the kiosk in Booths and there is also one at the BP garage on the A 65 near Kirkby Lonsdale. They will remain in situ until “Children in Need” collection day on 13th November. Additionally there will be collection buckets in shops in Kirkby Lonsdale, Bentham and Ingleton. We appreciate the co-operation from all the shop keepers and hope through a  joint effort we can raise a lot of money for this popular and deserving charity.