LATEST July 2020 to June 2021/ Table Top Sale Dec 13th 2020

Maria ran a tabletop sale outside St Martin's Church to raise money for Rotary Charities

Our Gazebo with the tabletop sale
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Thanks to Maria Anstiss for organising this sale on what seemed like the wettest day of the year.  Thanks to a load of helpers who helped set up the stall, take the stall down, man it during the day and to publicise the event.

Mike and Pam Waddilove, Chris Shortt, Jim Munns and Anne Richardson helped Maria set up the stall and supplied tables.  The Rotary Gazebo came into its own, but it's not totally waterproof! 

Barb and Andy came along to help as well as Richard and Diana Deavin. 

A big thanks to all that helped on a really foul day.  We did not get as much as we had hoped but some money was raised - yet to be counted but around £30

Clive Richardson