Christmas Collections

A COVID restricted collection time this year. But you can still donate via JustGiving - see below.

Tilly the Train and her crew!

The Christmas Collections this year were very curtailed and we only went out 5 times.  However it was worth it to see the joy on the children's and family's faces.  We handed out flyers suggesting that people could make donations via our JustGiving page.  By the end of the week we had raised over £700 (including gift aid) which we felt was very creditable.  Our target was to raise £1000 and we may yet make it as people are still donating.

You can still donate at 

Richard Harris organised everthing, Clive Richardson drove the tow car and Mike Waddilove was on duty every night.  Richard Harris, Keith Mann and David Knight performed as Santa.  Other members of the team were Dave Ayres, Ronnie Smith, Carol Caiger, Don Abeyratne, Vernon Goulding, and Chris Shortt.  

And a huge thank you to the publicity team, Old fashioned print with Martin Lewis, new-fangled steam radio via Martin and Ronnie and Social Media like Facebook where pretty well everyone tweeted or reposted adverts.

Those who put out the word by WhatsApp etc are also to be thanked.  I know that we made use of friends over Epsom and this worked well.  Pam Waddilove and Carol Thorley seemed to have special powers on the Woodcote Estate.

Well done everyone

Clive Richardson