Yeadon Town Hall Christmas Market

Sat 12th December 2020 at 12.00 pm - Sun 13th December 2020 - 4.00 pm

First public fundraising event for some time in a resplendent Yeadon Town Hall

Congratulations go to many people for the success of this event. Graham and Morag Davies and Brian and Mitzi Whitham set the stall up on Friday afternoon. Brian Hall stored all the gear for the stall beforehand and will continue to do so. Graham printed off flyers to advertise the Christmas Virtual Balloon Race and Sally obtained a collection of DVDs to sell. Members quickly and cheerfully filled up the rota ensuring the stall was manned all of the time the market was open. Members supplied around 50 bottles of wine and a supply of bags for the bottles. Once Barry Bootland has counted the money the result will be announced. It was agreed beforehand that the income would be shared 50/50 withYeadon Town Hall which was beautifully decorated for this Christmas opening.

Picture 1 shows John Kitching and President Raj Mani and picture 2 Sally Mohan and Geoff Bartrum delighted to be back behind the Bottle Stall. 

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