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Haddenham Rotary's contributions to our local community

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Haddenham Rotary are committed to supporting our local community

by carrying out local enhancement projects and 'feel good' activities

and by supporting local good causes


The events shown below and in the following 'Related Pages',

illustrate some of the ways we have recently contributed

to benefit of our local community


"We always welcome suggestions for new and innovative projects

and extend a warm welcome to residents wanting to 'put something back'

through our 'Friends of Haddenham Rotary' initiative"


Haddenham Rotary President

Tim Mahoney


Rotary Flowers



Dear Friends and Neighbours of Haddenham and the surrounding villages

A year ago, who would have thought that a virus could have wreaked havoc
to our normal way of life and especially to our Christmas family celebrations

Something had to be done to brighten our days, and
Haddenham Rotary were determined to do that “something”

As an act of kindness we decided to place bunches of flowers
around the village from late November to Christmas

Our hope was to brighten an otherwise dull, dreary and even dark day
for those who found the flowers

Your response has been amazing
The kind words of appreciation that you have written on social media
make our efforts all worthwhile
On behalf of myself and all of my Haddenham Rotary colleagues
a big thank you, you are very kind
We look forward to next year when, hopefully
we can meet once again and work with the village
providing support when and where it is needed

Keep well and keep safe

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Tim Mahoney (President)
Alan, Alison, Brian, Bruce, Chris B, Chris V
David R, David R, David W, Frank
Jim, Jason, John B, John C, Julian, Keith
Martin, Mike, Nigel, Paul, Peter B, Peter D, Peter G
Phil, Raj, Roger R, Roger W and Ron

Rotary Haddenham and District


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Christmas Santa


We are delighted that our 'Drive Through Santa' was so well received
and grateful for all your kind messages of support. Look for us again next year

Clicking on 'Christmas Magic' reveals all:



Refurbished Telephone Box at Church End


Haddenham Rotary refurbished the public call box at Church End
on behalf of Haddenham Parish Council

photo by photoninja


Our Famous Human Fruit Machine at Haddenham Fete


Sometimes copied, but never bettered

Photos courtesy

Haddenham Community Fair


photo by photoninja


Haddenham Community Library


Haddenham Rotary is a long time supporter of our Community Library

Rotary Treasurer Frank Readman presenting to the Library Treasurer Tim Mozley


Haddenham Community Noticeboards


Haddenham Rotary funded and maintain the 3 Community noticeboards in Haddenham


Outside the Community Library

At recreational centre entrance Woodways and opposite Haddenham Post Office


St Mary's Christmas Tree Festival


2019 marked our sixth year supporting the Christmas Tree Festival



photos by photoninja


Haddenham Winterfest


photo Chris Behan


Young Photographer Competition


2020 was year 11 of our increasingly popular competition

run in association with Paul Wilkinson Photography.

More details and competition winners, here

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase

in entries commenting on the environment


photo: Freya - Junior Winner

photo: Dominic - Junior Winner

photo: Jennifer - Intermediate Winner

photo: Charlie - Intermediate Winner

photo: Olivia - Senior Winner


Rotary International announced autumn 2020 that

'Supporting the Environment' has become the seventh Rotary Area of Focus

which Rotary will fund through The Rotary Foundation