2019: Global Scholar Camille Wasinger

more Council 6.30pm; Speaker meeting from 8pm. Seven Stars

2018: Global Scholar Arthur Laudrain

more Arthur is from District 1650, Vannes, France, studying for a DPhil in Cyber Security at Wolfson College, Oxford. Seven Stars

2018: Global Scholars Christopher Chew and Navin Cooray

more Christopher Chew and Navin Cooray will give us a progress update on their MSc in Global Health. Seven Stars

2017: Global Scholar Anne Desiderio

more Seven Stars, Dinton

2016: Global Scholars Jonas Richter and Madison Little

more (Seven Stars, Dinton)

2013: Global Scholar Rajiv Narayan

more Rajiv Narayan is reading for an MSc in Medical Anthropology at Magdalen College, Oxford. Rajiv graduated in 2012 and worked with the US health care information firm Close Concerns, focusing on Obesity policy

2010: Global Scholar Adeel Iqbal's Blog from Kenya September


2010: Global Scholar Stephanie Spicer


2008: Global Scholar Amanda Stone

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2008: Global Scholars Josh Woodward and Keilah Jacques

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