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There is at last the prospect later this year of some normality after COVID
so we are starting to plan our future programme and
find opportunities to deliver benefit in our local community


Help us create new solutions and actions to 'Help Haddenham'


Come and help us with events that benefit the Haddenham community

Use your enthusiasm, experience and expertise
to help others less fortunate than ourselves

A few hours every now and again is enough
more often if you want to
flex your involvement to fit with a busy lifestyle

Have fun in a sociable and friendly environment
make friends, bring new ideas and form teams to Help Haddenham

Whatever your age and interest, come and explore
the many opportunities that people in action have
to improve lives in communities near and far

Here are some of the things we have already done

in the local Haddenham community


We also plan and run fundraising and fun events

Our major fundraiser is The Waddesdon Sponsored Ride

Then there is Christmas Santa, the End Polio Quiz

We enjoy engaging speakers, visits and <strong fellowship>

We've raised £500,000 for good causes

Come and help us raise the next Half a Million Pounds


Reach out with us to our international communities

Be welcomed virtually anywhere in the world

See what we have already done to improve
healthcare and economic development
for our schools in Africa

Join us in support of our global End Polio Now programme
which has vaccinated 2.5 Billion children
and reduced polio cases by 99.9%

Help us raise funds to continue delivering
shelter and survival kits
in the worst hit disaster areas

And so, so, many more opportunities to give back!

Have a look at this short video:



Demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

and develop staff skills and self assurance
through our Corporate Youth Opportunities Programme

Let us have your thoughts, comments and ideas

Use or Contact Page to Arrange a chat and we'll call you very soon*

Or if you prefer ask a question*

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An email will acknowledge your enquiry

Help us to improve the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves


The Scope and Scale of Rotary Volunteering

Our volunteers are people of action who
foster understanding across and within cultures
and promote goodwill and peace

We are a global fellowship of 1.2 million
business and community minded individuals
in 35,000 locations in 200 countries

Collectively known as Rotary International
(Handy if you are travelling abroad)

A study released in December 2019 by the Johns Hopkins Centre, Baltimore, USA
found that Rotary give an estimated annual contribution of 47 million volunteer hours
equivalent almost to 27,000 full-time paid workers and an estimated
saving of US$850 million (£650 million) in service costs, each year

50% of volunteer hours are contributed by Rotary members age 56 years and over
and women accounted for 26% of volunteer hours

We are united in our ambition to create sustainable improvement
and dedicated to bring change in the seven key 'Areas of Focus', or Causes
that encompass some of the world’s most critical humanitarian needs

Rotary is one of the world's most successful
humanitarian volunteer communities
where individuals of good standing
promote and adhere to high ethical values
and the principle of Service Above Self