Epsom and Ewell Showcase

Sat, May 1st 2021 at 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Some of the best performers of Epsom and Ewell put together a programme for you to watch. Just log in to YouTube with the supplied link and prepare to be amazed! Free to watch, but donate to our charity collection if you wish!

Epsom and Ewell Showcase

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As at 4th May

68 people watched the live stream

92 people have watched it since it was streamed

There were 28 contributors of acts and adverts

There were 40 items in the evening acts and adverts

£508 has been contributed via Linked In

£103.30 has been contributed vi Text Messaging Platform DONR

Comments have been

Well done Epsom Rotary for all your hard work through this Covid crisis!

So much work by so many people and not forgetting those behind the scenes to produce this Showcase in our troubled times deserves great support. Epsom Rotary will see the donations are well spent.

Great evening, well done everyone!

Great collection of performances, thank you

Great variety of talent!

Thank you for a great showcase on Saturday night  Jenny Sparrow Epsom and Ewell U3A

Well done.

Fantastic idea well done

Go for it hope its a wonderful entertaining night well done Epsom Rotary!!!!!

Good luck everybody!

Very impressed at all the work that people put into tonight, and also to all the work these amazing folks do to help others. Lovely stuff.

Great evening!

Job well done. thank you.

great show!

Thoroughly enjoyed the show!

Better than the television last night!


Donate if you wish

Donate to www.justgiving.com/campaign/epsomstars  or text Epsom 10  to 70085 to donate £10.

Children's Hour 6-7pm        https://youtu.be/ZwCpfVtAeKU

Epsom Players - Anything you can do - http://epsomplayers.com/
Niamh Ogle - Lion King - clive.richardson@btinternet.com
Phab - Making more of life together - https://epsom-phab-site.herokuapp.com/
Sam Veale - Juggler - http://www.samveale.com
Granny Pearl - Jenny Lockyer - https://www.jennylockyer.co.uk/
Sam Veale -  Ball Bounce - http://www.samveale.com
Sam Veale - Plates juggling - http://www.samveale.com
Monkey Music  leatherhead.dorking@monkeymusic.co.uk

Adult section - 8 - 10pm   https://youtu.be/qvimy6C77CI

Epsom Players - Cabaret - http://epsomplayers.com/
Sam Veale  - Juggler - Bounce - http://www.samveale.com
Talking Newspaper - Richard Wheeler - http://www.eetn.org.uk
Epsom Male Voice Choir - Crossing the Bar -http://www.epsommalevoicechoir.org.uk
Epsom Players -- Copacobana - Just Arrived - http://epsomplayers.com/
Machan - Hal an Tow - johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk
Sue Overy - Spring - https://youtu.be/VineS9xvvIc
Epsom Choral - If ye love me - http://www.epsomchoral.org.uk/
Epsom and Ewell High School - Nowhere to Run - Cheat - https://www.facebook.com/nowheretorunofficial/
Epsom Players - O what a beautiful morning - http://epsomplayers.com/
Instant Sunshine - My Horse and I - https://www.instantsunshine.co.uk/
Mike Bradley - The Devil's on my side - mikebradleymusic.com
University of the third age - epsomchair1@gmail.com
Epsom and Ewell Town Twinning - http://epsomtwinning.com
Feature Creep - Show me baby one more time - info@feature-creep.co.uk
Machan - Bonapartes retreat - johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk
Phab - Making more of life together - https://epsom-phab-site.herokuapp.com/
Epsom Rotary- Scribble advert - http://epsomrotary.uk
Jamie Gray - Muse - Ruled by Secrecy - http://jamie-gray.bandcamp.com/ 
Sam Veale - spinning plates - http://www.samveale.com
Epsom Players - What I did for love - http://epsomplayers.com/
Machan - I can hear music - johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk
Jamie Gray - Fantasia - http://jamie-gray.bandcamp.com/ 
Instant Sunshine - My Allotment - https://www.instantsunshine.co.uk/
Soroptimists  - https://sigbi.org/epsom-and-district/
Epsom Players - My Fair Lady- Sarah Jane Pullen - http://epsomplayers.com/
Machan - Give me some Lovin' - johnmannel@yahoo.co.uk
Epsom Players - I don't know how to love him - Sarah Morriso - http://epsomplayers.com/
Love me Love my mind - http://www.lovemelovemymind.org.uk
Mike Bradley - Tomorrow's Day - mikebradleymusic.com

So Swing - Emma Playle Morris - www.soproductions.co.uk


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Epsom and Ewell Showcase

Some of the best performers of Epsom and Ewell put together a programme for you to watch. Just log in to YouTube with the supplied link and prepare to be amazed! Free to watch, but donate to our charity collection if you wish!


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