Donation to Ghana School Aid

Mon 22nd February 2021 at 12.00 am - 2.00 am

Hungerford Rotary Club make a donation of £1,100.00 to Ghana School Aid

Last year the Rotary Club of Hungerford made a donation of £1,100.00 to Ghana School Aid, a charity established in 1986 to support the education of children in Ghana. The money was allocated to fund a project at a primary school serving a farming community in the Central Region of Ghana. The school, which is attended by 60 girls, 105 boys and a staff of 6, had no toilet facility. Students and teachers had to walk some distance to queue for a community toilet that was in a deplorable state.This situation impacted schoolwork because of the time lost, and lead to sanitation problems and disease; the children frequently used the bushes around the school instead. Local workers have built three well-ventilated latrines on land near the school. The project co-ordinator in Ghana said " On behalf of the staff, pupils, school management committee and the entire beneficiary community, we say a big thank you for coming our aid". 

This is a good example of how a modest sum will make a big difference to a small community in Ghana and is typical of the International work funded by Rotary through charities like Ghana School Aid.

The old toilet facility