Borewell Videos

A selection of videos taken during the project implementation at some of the schools where the wells are being dug.

Video Nasties Niceties

This page collates the various vidoes taken at some of the borewells built by the Rotary Club of Billericay's project to provide clean water to 2,500 Kemyan Schoolchildren;

1. Kenya Borewell Project Review

A 17 minute video by the team which managed the project.

2. ENA Primary School

The water diviner finds the ideal site for the well.

3. St. Paul's Magaca Primary School - I - Commissioning

Education Secretary Rev. Jackson Ngari commissions the well

4.  St. Paul's Magaca Primary School - II - Misc.

School children taste the clean water plus views of the well head, compound and water tanks.

5. St. Paul's Magaca Primary School - III - Celebration

School Children celebrate the completion of the well and its commissioning.

 6.  Canon Herbert Ikuuru Primary School - Filling the Water Tank

The filling of the water tank.

7.  Canon Herbert Ikuuru Primary School - Tap Water

Water flowing from every tap

8.  Kathari Primary School - Digging the Well I

Professional Well Digger hard at work.

9.  Kathari Primary School - Digging the Well II

Rotary takes over - Embu member hard at work.

10.  Kathari Primary School - Digging the Well III

Rotary takes over - Embu member hard at work.

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