Save the Planet !

Ideas to help save the environment

Combating Climate Change

After some wide ranging Zoom discussions we produced the list of actions below that we as individuals can follow to help combat climate change.  We are not suggesting people significantly change their life-styles or spend a lot of money, but with small modifications we can collectively make a difference.  Nor do we claim this list is exhaustive and would welcome additional ideas . 

Some are slightly frivolous or amusing, but each is perfectly doable by you as an individual if you are so inclined.  Just becoming aware of them and what you can do often stimulates people to give some of them a try.  Individual actions will be hard to measure, but if you are joined by many others we hope you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your own little bit to help the planet.

Savings on water and power (electricity).  There is a large overlap with some of these actions, that is why they are lumped together.

  1. Don’t leave gadgets on standby for long periods
  2. Turn off unnecessary lights
  3. Don’t turn on lights when not needed
  4. Put a full load in the dishwasher
  5. Put a full load in the washing machine
  6. Wash clothes at the lowest or most economical temperature
  7. Whenever possible dry clothes outside or inside in place of a spin dryer
  8. Cook whenever possible with a microwave (e.g. soups and drinks)
  9. Put only the required water in a kettle
  10.  Use any spare boiling water to kill weeds in place of weed killer
  11.  Shower instead of bathing
  12.  Share a bath or shower
  13.  Shower for a shorter time
  14.  Shower only when needed
  15.  Turn central heating down a little and wear an extra sweater
  16.  Install solar panels
  17.  Wash clothes a little less often
  18.   Flush toilet less often
  19.  Place a brick or similar in the toilet cistern
  20.  Fit a water meter (this often reduces water usage)
  21.  Mend dripping taps
  22.  Wash the car less often
  23.  Collect rain water for the garden
  24.  Don’t use hosepipe on the garden most plants and lawns will recover
  25. Run taps slower when washing hands etc.


Life-style Actions

  1. Walk ,or cycle, for short journeys – healthier than driving
  2. Use public transport if possible
  3. Car share
  4. Buy local produce or that which is least travelled
  5. Simply buy less stuff, especially clothing
  6. Buy used items instead of new
  7. Recycle as much as possible
  8. Send as much as possible to charity shops instead of landfill
  9. Eat less meat, especially red meat
  10.  Become vegetarian
  11.  Holiday in the UK
  12.  Try to reuse items – e.g. plastic bags and bottles
  13.  Plan carefully the food you buy to avoid waste
  14.  Continue home working if practical
  15.   Drink tap water instead of bottled water
  16.   Take your rubbish home

Home, Garden and Driving Actions

  1. Drive economically to save fuel
  2. Don’t carry excess or unnecessary loads in your car
  3. Keep tyre pressures at recommended levels
  4. Have your house as well insulated as possible
  5. Pull curtains at night
  6. Grow some of your own veg
  7. Plant a fruit tree
  8. Support tree planting by others, e.g. National Trust
  9. Make your own garden compost
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Ideas to help save the environment