A local overseas charity that has benefited from donations from the rotary Club of Crowthorne and Sandhurst

This school is located in one of Nairobi’s largest slums.  One of our members has been involved with this charity since 2016 and has been lucky enough to have visited the school twice. Two projects they personally supported are the building of 2 new toilets for the children with special needs and the creation of ‘Geraldine’s girls care’ which provides sanitary products for the older aged primary school girls. This is something we in the developed world took/take for granted.  Our member had several communications with the school since the outbreak of the pandemic and understand that east Africa has also suffered from a plague of locusts at the same time. The school is closed at the moment and the main priority is to provide the children, in excess of 2500, with one hot meal a day. This consists of a bowl of ‘ugi’ a fortified type of porridge.  We have found lockdown tough in the developed world. Imagine experiencing it in a crowded slum.

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