Community Support

The Rotary Club of Crowthorne, Sandhurst and Bracknell organises and supports local events that are designed to benefit the community while not directly related to fund raising events.

Rotary Club of Crowthorne and Sandhurst Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Community Support.

In addition to raising funds for local, major charities the Rotary Club of Crowthorne and Sandhurst organises non-fund raising events that benefit members of the public as well as supporting local community events.

A major event that benefitted many people was KNOW YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE day. Over the last few years we have held a Know Your Blood Pressure Day at Tesco, Wokingham where we have invited members of the public to have their blood pressure read and then offered advice if necessary.  Although this is no longer a national campaign with the Stroke Association we hope to be able to have a wider health initiative in the near future.

Other activities include providing resources and supporting many local activities.

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING IN CROWTHORNE – getting into the mood for Christmas, the first Friday evening in December.  Charity and community stalls and plenty of food and drink.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES ON THE MORGAN REC – The Churches in Crowthorne run Summer Activities for the young members of the community for the first four Fridays in the school summer holidays, we try to send along members to help with the heavy work of setting up and putting away.

TESCO DANCE BEAT COLECTIONS – several members of our club helped with bucket collections in-store.


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Know Your Blood Pressure Day - 13 April 2019

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