Breakfast Meeting at the Heronston Hotel

Mon, Nov 15th 2021 at 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Speaker: Bob Dunlop. Having recently moved to south Wales, and been a past member of Rotary Lyme Regis, Bob spoke of his interests and experiences at our second in-person meeting

Bob told us how, after a degree in Topographic Science at the University of Glasgow, he was employed in international land and marine surveying and mapping, which took him to Africa, Middle East, Far East, USA and Europe, as well as UK. 

This was followed by various roles in photographic and printing and publishing manufacturing companies  -   roles that included product development, project management, marketing, sales/product support and consultancy. 

Latterly, Bob provided management/consultancy in various UK sectors  -  heavy/light manufacturing, service industries, computer systems, oil, police, military, national and local government. 

This was followed by government service. Bob also told us the many and varied voluntary roles that he had undertaken before he joined Rotary Bridgend.