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Information Pack for 2021 – 2022


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Information Pack for 2021 – 2022

THEME – ‘Colours of Nature’


The Young Photographer Competition is a well-established and successful competition organised and promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (Rotary GB&I).

There are three stages to the competition, each designed to support and encourage the development of photographic skills. Some stages may have more than one round.

Aims and Objectives

The competition aims to encourage young people to:

·                experiment with photography

·                use digital and/or traditional methods of photography

·                demonstrate interpretation of the topic

·                express ideas through the medium of photography

Who can take part?

The competition is open to all schools and college communities and those who are home educated, along with any other young peoples’ community organisations, for example, community RotaKids, community Interact, Scout Groups, Girl Guides.

There are three age groups:

Junior:                         7 to 10 years old

Intermediate:            11 to 13 years old

Senior:                      14 to 17 years old

Entrants must not be over the upper age parameter for each group on 31 August 2021.

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2021, it should be noted that some junior entrants may be 11, intermediate entrants may be 14 and some senior entrants may be 18 at the time of some or all the stage competitions i.e. a competitor who may be 17 on 31st August but turns 18 on 1st September is allowed to enter. Competitors must include their age on the application form.

Students should enter the competition organised by the local Rotary club through their respective group, as detailed above.

Competitors, schools, colleges, and organisations may participate in a competition held in a Rotary club/district outside of their geographical boundary but may compete in only one club/district event.

The Three Stages of the Competition

Local Heats        

These are organised by local Rotary clubs between September and December. The winners of each age group are entered into a district competition.

Local Rotary Clubs can be found by using the club finder facility in the top left-hand corner of the Home Page of the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland website

District Competitions

These are organised by Rotary between January and February. The winners of each age group are entered into the national final.

National Final    

This is organised by Rotary. One entry per age group from each district may be submitted in digital format by Monday 28th March 2022 to the Rotary Support Centre. All enquiries to the co-ordinator, Peter Dowse –

The dates for local heats and district competitions will be determined locally. Entrants should check dates with their local Rotary club in the first instance.

Competition Guidelines


To produce one photograph based upon the theme, ‘Colours of Nature’. The photo must be submitted via Digital Format individually and to be at least 1500 pixel in size on the longest length. Mobile Phones may be used in addition to cameras.


No actual examples will be shown here as it will be up to the individual competitors to show their interpretation of the chosen topic.

District competition winners will be required to provide a digital copy in jpg format to be at least 1500 pixel in size on the longest length for the national final submission.  

IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS TO NOTE: Please note that entries and supporting information sent electronically MUST NOT EXCEED 15Mb per email sent. Emails over this limit will not be received at the Support Centre. Alternative options are to send the nomination and supporting information across several emails or contact Andy Smith, Rotary CDS Team, to organise a file transfer option.

To accompany the photograph, each entrant must provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of the photograph to the theme.

Important Notice: Please note that photographs and videos of people under 18 years old must be accompanied by written permission from the parent, guardian or carer of the person(s) photographed. Please attach individual Rotary GB&I ‘Form B: Consent form for the use of photographs, film or video recordings of children or vulnerable adults

Entries should be sent to the stage organiser by the closing date.



Persons with appropriate skills, appointed by Rotary, will apply the judging criteria below.

Judging Criteria               

Judges will consider technical merit; content and composition; imagination and style.

Only in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the competition organiser, will correspondence or discussions be entered into following the competition.

Plagiarism or Close Copied Images

Plagiarised or 'close-copied' images are not permitted in any competition. It is important that we protect the work of creative individuals. Whilst we are all inspired by the work of others, there is without doubt a grey area where inspiration carries over to close copying. For our competitions 'close copying' is where, to a reasonable person, the submitted entry appears remarkably similar in significant important respects to a body of work created elsewhere. We are looking for original pieces, not copies, which match the theme of the competition


At all stages of the competition, competitors will receive a certificate of participation.

How to enter


To enter a local heat, contact your local Rotary club which can be found by visiting In case of difficulty, contact the Rotary Youth Competition Co-Ordinator, Peter Dowse for assistance.

Entrants require to complete an entry form and submit it along with their photographs, to the stage organiser by the time specified.

Rotary Youth Competitions         

This Young Photographer competition is one of eleven competitions for young people organised by Rotary International in Britain and Ireland. The others are: Young Artist, Young Chef, Youth Debate, Young Environmental Project, Young Filmmaker, Young Musician, Young Writer, Young Scientist, Young Citizen Awards and the Technology Tournaments. To find out more about these competitions and other opportunities please contact your local Rotary club in the first instance.

Working with Children   

Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland has adopted this statement of policy in working with children, vulnerable adults and those with disability:

The needs and rights of the child, the elderly, the vulnerable and those with disability take priority. It is the duty of every Rotarian to safeguard to the best of their ability, the welfare of and prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse and neglect of all children, the elderly, persons with disability or otherwise vulnerable persons with whom they come into contact during their Rotarian duties.

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