Murder Mystery Evening with The Epsom Club

Sat, Jan 28th 2023 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We had a great evening of suspense at Ewell Hall with a Chinese flavour for the Chinese New Year. Super food from Top Chef and an exciting puzzle to solve

You will be served Chinese food while you solve a mystery.  Cost of evening £20.  BYOB

Make up a team of 6 and have a great evening out with fantastic company!!

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It is 1993 in San Francisco, California. Wealthy widow, Mrs. Emily Boggs, is gathering her friends and servants for a special dinner to celebrate the miraculous return of her long-lost daughter, Ashley.
Ashley was kidnapped as an infant twenty-five years earlier during a riot in Hong Kong.

Mrs. Boggs' has a long-standing custom of serving her dinner guests special fortune cookies containing personalized prophecies for each. Knowing this, the killer poisons Mrs Boggs' cookie with deadly potassium cyanide and leaves her a fortune predicting, "Death will come uninvited". She dies instantly after eating the cookie. It is a case of premeditated murder and you are a suspect.

Chew Chow You are Mrs. Boggs' cook. You came to America with her twenty-five years ago and have been her loyal servant ever since. You know how to prepare Mrs. Boggs' favourite Chinese dishes. Over the years, you have become very skilled with kitchen knives and sometimes you entertain her guests with your dazzling food chopping ability.
Suggested Clothing: You are most often seen wearing your white chef’s uniform and apron. You wear inexpensive reading glasses to see your recipes.

Penny Sylan You have been Mrs. Boggs' live-in nurse for four years. It was your job to ensure she ate properly and got regular exercise. You also scheduled her appointments and screened her visitors. Mrs. Boggs, bless her soul, needed you to take charge of her life.
Suggested Clothing: A crisp, white nurses uniform and cap is your normal dress. When on duty, you carry the tools of your profession: tongue depressors, a roll of bandages and bottles of pills.

Axel Dent You have been Mrs. Boggs' private chauffeur for more years than you care to remember.
Before you came to work for her you were a professional race car driver on the Indy circuit. Now you are content to drive Mrs. Boggs' vintage Rolls-Royce and tinker with antique cars in your spare time.
Suggested Clothing: On Mrs. Boggs' orders, you wear a tailored chauffeur's uniform but it is often wrinkled and stained with grease. You keep a small whisky flask in your inside pocket.

Lai Low You are an attractive young Chinese maiden staying with Mrs. Boggs to learn western ways. Your father, an old friend of the late Mr. Boggs, has no sons and he wants you to take over his import-export business. You have grown very fond of Mrs. Boggs in the year you have been with her.
Suggested Clothing: You prefer traditional Chinese-style garments: a sheaf-like dress called a cheongsanm or a pyjama-like blouse and slacks called a samfoo.

Him Wong You are a retired police detective from the Hong Kong police force. You were the detective assigned to the Boggs' kidnapping case twenty-five years ago but, unfortunately, were unable to solve it. You never forgot the incident and alter retiring two years ago, you started your own investigation.
Suggested Clothing: A three-piece suit with a brightly coloured tie, a brim hat (in the 40's style) and an ivory-handled walking cane. You are very proud of your Manchu style moustache.

Anita Mumm You are absolutely positive you are Ashley, Mrs. Boggs' missing daughter. Although you have no memory of your childhood days in China, you bear a strong resemblance to the late Mr Boggs
Suggested clothing: You are a free spirit and like to dress to fit your mood. You have no inhibitions about mixing styles or wearing clothes that might be considered outlandish. You just want to be you (whoever that is).


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