Sand Dam

Fund raised to build a dam in Kenya

Rotary Club of Fareham  raised enough funds to build a Sand Dam to

provide access to fresh water & aid food production in a community for up to 50 years. It will help the community to earn an income and additional income can lead to better health & better education. Instead of one dam, we funded 50% of Wisuka Dam (£13.8k), enabling the balance to be accessed from other donors.

       Kew Gardens Rotary,  coordinate all Sand Dam projects.

       The project required  support of other clubs including the Wessex Group 7 Clubs.

 Cost to build (including ancillaries), estimated at $33k = £27.5k.

 Kew Gardens Rotary will apply for a Global Grant, from Rotary International. The following clubs raised;

Fareham Rotary - £8,800

Whiteley - £2,500

Portsmouth & Southsea - £2,500

DDF - £10,000

Global Grant - £8,000

Total - £31,800

Wisuka Dam Project

Wisuka is derived from a combination of three villages where the group members come from which are Wikililye, Suma and Kwa Manzi villages. Its found in Ilalambyu sublocation, Ilalambyu location, Nzeluni division, Migwani sub county in Kitui county, Kenya.

Population just under 500


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Fund raised to build a dam in Kenya


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