Santa at Hungerford Rotary Club

Fri, Dec 10th 2021 at 5:00 pm- Fri, Dec 17th 2021 - 7:30 pm

Santa's and his Sleigh will be at the Extravaganza and around the Town every night between 13th and 17th December. Click details below for dates and places.

Santa's Sleigh will be touring Hungerford between Monday 13th and Friday 17th December from 5.00pm to 7.30pm. 

The anticipated routes are detailed below but are subject to change as a result of weather, traffic or other circumstances, so listen out - you WILL hear Santa coming.

Monday: 13th December 2021:

Hamblin Meadow, Oxford Street, Middleton Close, Cotterell Close, Kennet Way, Meadow View, Church Street (inc Pound Piece, Freeman's Close), Wiltshire Close, Wessex Close, Somerset Close

Tuesday; 14th December 2021;

Shalbourne Close, Penny Farthing Close, Cherry Grove, Chilton Way, Chantry Mead, Westbrook Close, Moores Place, Honey Fields, Oakes Court, Prospect Road, Regents Close, Homefield Way, Bourne Vale, Sanden Close

Wednesday; 15th December 2021;

Atherton Crescent, Priory Road, Sarum Way, Liquel Close, Lancaster Square, Lancaster Close, DeMontfort Grove, York Road, Priory Road (to school), Hillside Road, Tarrents Hill, Morley Place.

Thursday; 16th December 2021;

Fairview Road, North View Heights, Macklin Close, Clarkes Gardens, Coldharbour Road, Parkway, Park Street, Ramsay Drive, Aldbourne Close, PortDown, Kennedy Meadow, 

Friday; 17th December 2021;

This evening will be used to 'pick up' any missed areas or to extend Santa's routes where possible.

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