Fantastic Balloon Race results

The annual balloon race held by Epsom Rotary was another success with over £400 raised for local charities. Thanks to Anne for organising!

The virtual balloon race takes place on a computer - no problems with spreading rubbish about the countryside! 

It starts in Lapland and the computer works out what happens to your balloon using the weather actually occurring in Lapland.  

Individuals can create their own balloons, latex thickness, amount of helium, colour shape and inscription.

Many families are racing among their own family members which adds to the fun in Christmas week.

The winners have been notified of their success.

Rank Travelled in km Name of owner Label
1 129.4 Diana Sharkey Daddy Sadler
2 126.328 David Richardson Charlie
3 124.042 beverley hinton dumbo
4 123.247 sarah capper Granny Furball
5 121.151 David Richardson Chancer
6 120.771 James Casbon BalloonFace
7 119.052 Caroline Knight Mr B knight
8 114.068 David Richardson Perfectly Taylored
9 113.782 Clare  Ogle Jacob O
10 113.336 James Casbon super Ted
11 113.081 Julie Morris Gwen
12 112.749 Nigel Collin Colli 1
13 112.698 Claire Westwood Darcey Rose
14 112.443 Michael Waddilove Pamela W
15 111.771 Clare  Ogle Niamh O
16 111.208 Elizabeth Warren Rudolph the Red Zeppelin
17 111.125 Lin Summers The sound of SW London
18 110.945 Christopher Shortt Charlie
19 110.594 Caroline Knight Daddy David Knight
20 109.865 David Richardson Baloonatic
21 109.46 beverley hinton Watermelon Sugar High
22 109.452 David Richardson Pansy potter
23 109.147 David Ayres Dave 2
24 109.041 Julie Morris Elsie
25 108.588 James Casbon baboon balloon
26 108.441 Laura White Tris Lips
27 107.791 Claire Westwood Als Away
28 107.751 Jane Wheeler Hot Ticket
29 107.646 Garth Shingles Bagpuss
30 106.635 Amy Richardson Ethan
31 105.965 diana Sharkey Luke
32 105.936 Mike Vogado Chloe
33 105.391 Richard John Harris Freddie
34 105.183 Julie Morris Laura
35 104.655 Amy Richardson Amy
36 104.44 Kasumi Brooker Ichiban
37 103.975 Felix Casbon Tornado of Souls
38 103.946 John Brooker Red Kite
39 103.754 izzy reynolds Dottie 
40 102.121 John Downs No Time to Fly
41 101.613 Paul Taylor Mars
42 101.158 Tom Allen Balloon Dor
43 98.4602 Mark Noviss Hat Burger 
44 97.5778 Caroline Knight Mr H Knight
45 96.2844 izzy reynolds Rat Bag
46 92.4125 James Casbon Zastars
47 85.4249 Anna Deavin Flash
48 82.9694 Elizabeth Warren Harriet
49 81.633 Richard John Harris Flossie
50 80.2866 Christopher Shortt Loving Twins
51 78.9291 izzy reynolds Xray charlie
52 76.0708 beverley hinton Light Air
53 75.6658 diana Sharkey Granny
54 74.0119 izzy reynolds Pog
55 73.8892 Amy Richardson Mike
56 73.0727 Mark Noviss Bonz
57 67.2784 joan brooker Ma Joan
58 64.7228 Elizabeth Warren Rockin Reindeer
59 64.1639 Paul Casbon Berwhale the Avenger
60 63.8151 Claire Westwood Frostys Flying Machine
61 63.4098 Mike Vogado Cat
62 62.7863 David Ayres Dave 1
63 60.5112 Jennifer Cresswell Balloon
64 55.7399 Richard Tombs Megstar
65 55.0996 Clive Richardson Clive
66 53.4584 Elizabeth Warren Raspberry Snowman
67 49.1577 Anne Richardson Nana Annie
68 45.8415 Christina O'Neill The Jolly Flyer
69 44.8608 Richard Tombs RickDangerous
70 44.3278 Tony Axelrod  Tony  Lesley No3
71 43.3147 Carol Thorley Christmas Carol
72 43.07 Patrick Casbon Oval Invincible
73 42.8712 Mark Noviss Laughing Donkey
74 42.6487 Tony Axelrod  Tony and Lesley No1
75 42.5909 Diana Deavin Try Again 
76 41.8685 Mike Vogado Ros
77 41.2635 Christopher Shortt Senile Delinquent
78 41.1228 Jim Munns Nanna Jean
79 40.8432 izzy reynolds Blue Tits
80 40.4813 Nigel Collin Colli 2
81 39.5667 Wilfred Green Star liner
82 39.507 Julie Morris Lucy
83 38.962 Richard Tombs FatSantaLad
84 38.2593 Mike Vogado Karina
85 38.2199 Michael Waddilove Batpa
86 38.0909 Tony Axelrod  Tony  Lesley No2
87 37.9269 Richard Wheeler RJW 2021
88 37.5573 Jennifer Cresswell Big Al
89 37.5035 m casbon Smoon the balloon
90 36.736 Ron Thorley Ronnie Reindeer
91 36.0157 Rebecca Hunt Acidic Lemon
92 35.0743 Ian Green The Rubber Bullet
93 34.7323 Wilfred Green Barbers balloon 
94 34.5681 Claire Westwood Rachel Reindeer 
95 34.456 beverley hinton Betsty Balloon
96 33.3802 Paul Taylor BETH
97 32.9725 Caroline Knight Mummy Caro knight
98 32.706 Jennifer Cresswell Sargasso Speed
99 32.5706 Claire Westwood Fly West
100 32.266 Richard John Harris Aphra
101 31.9108 Don Abeyratne Honey and Bamboo Ltd
102 31.855 Don Abeyratne ENJOY A MINDFUL 2022
103 31.8503 Mike Vogado Stephen
104 31.3551 Don Abeyratne ZERO WASTE SHOPPING
105 31.1285 beverley hinton High Flyer
106 30.8782 Mike Vogado Daniel
107 30.7587 Lin Summers Lollygagger I
108 30.7491 Joanna Fargher Oliver Fargher
109 30.1397 Amy Richardson Isaac
110 30.112 Don Abeyratne SAVE THE HONEY BEES
111 29.1463 Jim Munns Treasurer Jim
112 28.7156 Nigel Collin A Colli
113 28.6109 Sue Casbon Cheshire Cat
114 27.79 Paul Taylor WOIE
115 27.7385 Amy Richardson Bob
116 27.4149 Paul Taylor CT
117 27.2743 Laura White Thomas
118 26.6164 Richard Tombs Lolanob
119 26.063 Wilfred Green Mats marvel 
120 23.9619 Laura White Laura
121 23.0026 Tim Deavin Floaty McFloatface
122 22.0624 beverley hinton Pigeon Bomber
123 21.9622 Joanna Fargher Rose Fargher
124 19.3271 Annie Deavin Seagull II
125 18.1443 Don Abeyratne Shop in Ewell Village
126 17.9551 diana Sharkey Mummy
127 17.2163 Mike Vogado Mike
128 11.7771 Anne Richardson Annie 2
129 11.5775 sarah capper Yama Yama ding dong
130 11.4008 Mark Noviss We have a hulk
131 11.247 Christopher Fowle Skys the Limit
132 10.4793 Ian Green Foot on the Gas
133 7.62912 Mike Vogado Paul
134 7.0419 Toby Casbon Big flooooter boater 
135 0.651682 Christopher Shortt Bionic Geriatric

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