Breakfast Meeting

Mon, Mar 14th 2022 at 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Heronston Hotel. Speaker: Carwyn Jones

Carwyn gave us a wonderful, and, as usual, witty, insight into his early life and what helped to shape the man that he was to become.

Born in Morriston, Carywn told us he was born a "Jack". The look on his father's face told us everything we needed to know!  Carywn had looked into his family history, going back some 400 years. Even over that long period of time the family had spread over very little distance with many from the same villages.

A recollection Carywn shared with us was attending chapel as a child and having to stand up and speak in front of the congregation. This gave Carywn the encouragement and confidence to speak in public as well as we all know he does.

A surprising fact Carwyn shared with us, nearly all the family are around 5' 7" tall, the two exceptions being Carwyn and his father, Caron, who, as we know, rise well above that!

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