French Soiree

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French Soiree at the Crown

The Rotary Club of Lanark celebrated "The Auld Alliance" in the Crown on Friday 18th March with 'trop de "Ooh La La"'. Within deux minutes they were all parleying franglais, enjoying the fantastique haute cuisine and singing along with chanteurs Guillaume Hutton and Marguerite Kealey accompanied by a suave accordionist, Monsieur W. Stewart. Only connoisseurs were able to distinguish Calvados from Cognac, but dix points sur dix for Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. Madame President Murie gave the "tres bien merci buckets" to the maitre d Stuart and to the band of McCullochs for organising an excellent evening. A collection raised £240.00 towards DEC emergency humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

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