At Joe's Cafe for a coffee meet up

Fri, Apr 1st 2022 at 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

A chance for club members, family members and friends to meet up.

A lot of windy weather blew 14 Sunrise Members and friends in to the warmth and welcome of Joe's Cafe for our coffee meet up today. Hot drinks and bacon sandwiches. Just the job. Thanks Joe and your friendly and welcoming staff. We value your support

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14 club members and friends staying warm in Joe's Cafe

Coffee meet-up at Joe's Cafe Minnis

back Instead of a breakfast meeting at the club house, a coffee meet-up at Joe's Cafe, Minnis

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Come from all walks of life, some working, some retired. We all very much enjoy a personal sense of fulfilment in being part of a vibrant club making a big difference.