New Member Induction & Digital Communications

Tue, Aug 2nd 2022 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Presenters - Grace Morris & Isobel Clifford
Reception: Will Aitken
Menu choice: Forbes Lockhart

President Irene, our newest Rotarian Harry Watkins and sponsor Immediate Past President Mike.

Harry Watkins, Executive Director of St Andrews Botanic Gardens, has been inducted as our newest member.  Harry has been at the botanics since February 2020 and his work has focussed on the garden's infrastructure, growing the team and developing research and conservation projects.  He recently completed his PhD. 
He is also a senior lecturer at the Barlett School of Architecture where he is attached to a interdisciplinary course that teaches architects about biology and biologists about architecture.  
President Irene Walker welcomed Harry to the club and called in immediate Past-President Mike Dow to introduce Harry to all the members.  At the same time, and on resumption of in-person meetings after a short period of zoom meetings, recent Killrymont recruit David Gray also received his member's badge and formal introduction to members. 

For the benefit of newer members of the club and some long serving members who needed a refresher, Grace Morris, Administration Secretary, showed members how to log on to RGBI and then the options they have for emailing all the members of the club either via the website, or DMS or their own email provider using bcc to safeguard addresses.  It was stressed that in case of using your own email provider that the contact list must be kept up to date to comply with GDPR.   The powerpoint presentation was then circulated to all members of the club. 


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