Mine Detection and Clearance

We have been very active in providing mine detection devices and are also working to warn of the dangers posed to the population by mines

Mine Clearance

Back at the end of October 2022, Rotary South responded to a call from the Rotary Club of Cherkasy in central Ukraine, an area famous for its maize, sunflower and wheat production. They were asking for two drone-mounted magnetometer mine detection devices to donate to the Ukrainian Fire, Emergency and Rescue Services to aid in clearing the mines and UXBs strewn across the fields. Rotary South had some funds left over from the street collections and donations we had carried out in the spring, and were able to buy the machines for around £35k. The drones themselves came from Germany and the magnetometer fittings and software from Latvia. The Rotary Club of Cherkasy liaised with the manufacturers and collected the drones in November. 

March 2023 - we have just received this video that shows the drone-mounted magnetometer mine detetion devices purchased by us.

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Rotary Supporting Ukraine

back Peace is a cornerstone of our global mission. We stand with the people of Ukraine. Find out how Rotarians in this area are trying to help.

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