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Rotary Clubs are renowned for their Christmas Collections with Santa and Sleigh

All Rotary Clubs are renowned for their Christmas Collections with Santa and the Sleigh. In fact most of the people in our Community think that Christmas is the only time that Rotarians have collections and fund raising activities. They couldn’t be more wrong!!!!!  All Rotary Clubs work hard during the Year to raise money to help our local charities and individuals who may be having a hard time and their President’s chosen charity for the year, NOT JUST AT CHRISTMAS.

December 2023 saw our new re-modelled float. The Christmas Committee had been working very hard to enable the float to be ready for the first week in December and my word what a super job they achieved.

Santa had a very smart new sleigh to tour the streets of Ashford.

This is now quite a challenge as with all the new building taking place in the area the ground to cover has increased greatly. So we apologize if not everybody saw Santa. We were also hampered by some very wet nights when our collectors were so sodden that they had to finish a little earlier. It is a shame that Santa cannot control the weather.

We received many compliments on the Sleigh as it made it rounds to ensure as many children as possible could see and wave to Santa and even give some notes for the items they are hoping he will bring on Christmas Day.!!!!

We are all very grateful to the Community of Ashford who have given so generously to our collection. This money collected will go towards helping various charities for the coming Year.

Our President is now collecting for the PENROSE CLUB who meet in Hengrove Park. This is a very worthwhile organization who meet regularly for people who have various disabilities and problems. They have various activities, days out and holidays often to the sea-side . There are some wonderful helpers there who give tirelessly their efforts to helping others.

We displayed a Rotary Christmas Tree in St Matthews Church in their yearly Christmas Tree Event in the Church. It is so lovely to go into the church at this time and see all the trees exhibited by many local organizations, local groups and even some individuals. The lights are lovely and the ambience of peace and quiet encourages you to sit and enjoy the moment, oblivious to all of the hassle and bustle going on outside in Church Road. It is the true spirit of Christmas.

Ashford Rotary has always supported all the ladies at Rowland Hill. Santa always delivers a present and a card to all of the ladies and Amber and Carla their supervisors. The ladies were having a Christmas evening meal which included some items supplied by the Rotary Club and Santa was able to deliver their presents before he commenced on his regular round. I don’t know if he stopped for a small sherry or glass or wine to fortify him before going on his way!!

For December 2023 the Rotary Club did not erect a tree in the Town Square. This was purely down to Health and Safety reasons, Our members are unfortunately now becoming older and erecting a Christmas Tree is physically too demanding for us. 

Ashford Wide erected the Christmas Tree and organized their annual Christmas Street Market, which Ashford Rotary attended. We had a Christmas Tombola, which was very successful and we ran out of items in just over an hour. Next Year we will have to ensure that we come with more items. It was very enjoyable even though it was cold but a cup of mulled wine makes all the difference. Our Rotary Gazebo was next to SANTA’S SLEIGH so we were able to see all the little ones coming to see Santa. There was a constant stream the cold weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of any of the “small people”.

We need New Members and Volunteers, and are always on the look-out for younger and fitter people who have a little time to spare and wish to be involved and help with their Community. We don’t need to monopolize your time. We are very flexible, you can come whenever you are able and we are grateful for any help and support for any of our activities when you have time to spare.

All the details of our meeting place etc are on the web site, come and see us at some time and see what we do throughout the Year. We keep very busy with our fundraising activities that tend to require quite a lot of planning, not to mention the dreaded “Health and Safety “ requirements.

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Rotary Clubs are renowned for their Christmas Collections with Santa and Sleigh

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